The Basics of PTLLS

study and learnPTLLS is an acronym that stands for Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. To put it simply, teaching in the lifelong learning sector (composed of people who are beyond the compulsory education stage) will require PTLLS. From skills training courses to college courses and even advanced university education, lifelong learning can be anything. People who are engaged in this sector come from diverse backgrounds as well. Some are just interested in widening their knowledge or learning new skills, while others want to enhance their qualifications for certain jobs.


For those who intend to teach in government-funded learning, PTLLS is actually compulsory. But it’s also great for those who want to teach with yet no specific career path in mind.


You don’t need any teaching qualifications in order to be accepted in a PTLLS course. But you do have to be qualified in that certain subject you plan to teach. Such qualification may be HND, BTEC or any other qualification that suits that certain subject. For more info about training courses, visit


Once you have earned your PTLLS Award, you have the option to teach another subject, but only if you have the right qualifications. You can choose to work towards a level 3 or level 4 version. The course content is the same for all, and every enrollees will go to the same classes as the rest.


The one and only difference is that level 4 learners will be doing a lot of referencing, which also means that research is something they need to do more. If you are leaning toward teaching in a public institution, know that level 4 will be required. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of working in the private sector, Level 3 is for you.


The time needed to complete a lifelong learning UK is rather short. It is usually done in 60 hours. Depending on the institution where you enroll, this learning time will be divided in different ways. You may have to go to class, for instance, for around 3 hours each week up to the tenth week. Then the next 30 hours may be devoted to assignments or homework. Recently, there has been a trend towards distance learning courses and also weekend courses. If you go for distance learning, you’ll have the freedom to choose when you want to study in the midst of other things you have to do at work or at home.


You will be expected to put in a fair amount of work in this course. You may be given assignment questions where the answers would have to be around 3,000 to 3,500 words. There is a practical dimension to the course as well. You will often need to do a  30 -minute ‘micro teach’ with material that you have to prepare yourself. Then you will be evaluated based on the way you plan your lessons and deliver them.


If you are seriously planning to teach, your first step would be to decide on a specialist subject, then get yourself qualified for it. If you are interested in PTLLS, look into whether there is an applicable funded option for you. Then you can choose among the several providers of PTLLS training courses available in

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